What to expect

images (2)Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation can take up to an hour, this involves taking a detailed history regarding previous injuries, treatment, surgeries and medication; in addition to details of the condition you are presenting with.

Once the history has been taken an examination will be performed. For the examination you may be asked to undress and will be given a gown. This depends on the area of complaint.

Routine orthopaedic, chiropractic and neurological examinations will be carried out to obtain a diagnosis.


Depending on the diagnosis, treatment will involve manipulation of the joints to free the area up and soft tissue work. Over time exercises, stretches and nutritional advice will be given accompanied with lifestyle changes.

After the first treatment it is not uncommon to feel sore and tender, this is normal and the chiropractor will assist in giving you advice on how to manage it.

Treatment programmes are diagnosed specifically for each individual and their condition. Chiropractors aim to restore normal function and assist in lifestyle modifications to stabilise the condition and minimise reoccurrence.

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